How non-residents can start selling
Russian train tickets?

If you are a non-resident of the Russian Federation (your business is actually and legally located abroad), you work in the travel industry and plan to expand your company's services list by selling tickets for the Russia's destinations — this guide is for you.

You can use one of the Innovative Mobility Platform solutions to enter Russian market. Innovative Mobility IT-platform unites various types of transport into a single system, using modern digital solutions. The platform is developed to sell Russian trains' tickets, airline tickets, bus tickets and Aeroexpress trains' tickets (Aeroexpress is a train that connects Moscow airports with central railway stations).

All you need is to connect to IM Platform and start selling tickets from anywhere in the world.

Few words about us: Innovative Mobility Company is one of the Russian Railways' subsidiary companies.

Russian Railways provides different passenger transportation services, connecting numerous destinations in Russia, Europe, and Asia.
Why Russia?
In recent years, Russia has become one of the most popular destinations for both inbound and business tourism.

According to the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR), in 2019 from January to December foreign passengers visited Russia 32.9 million times.

Ukraine is the leader in the number of people, who visited Russia in 2019 (8.7 million). Also, foreign passengers came from Kazakhstan (up to 4.3 million visits), Uzbekistan (2.6 million visits), China (2.3 million), Finland (938.7 thousand) and Germany (744.5 thousand).

The goals of such visits were not only tourism, but also work, business, visiting relatives and others.

The most popular tourist destinations in Russia are still megacities — Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, interest in other Russian cities continues to grow. The list of top cities in 2019 was expanded by Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Vladivostok.

The Russian tourist industry is actively developing in line with world tourist services provision standards. For foreign travel agents, Russia can become a promising new market.
Can non-residents of Russia become clients of the Innovative Mobility company?
Of course, if your business is registered as a legal entity (company).
With the residents of which countries do you work?
There are no restrictions, we work with everyone.
What services are available for non-residents after connecting to the Innovative Mobility Platform?
Non-residents will have access to services for selling railway tickets, airline tickets, bus tickets and Aeroexpress train tickets.
Connection options
Today we offer two ways of connection to the Innovative Mobility Platform. The first one is the Cashier Interface web application and the second one is via API integration.

Our product is suitable for:
  • travel agencies operating online or in sales offices
  • other small and medium travel industry companies.

Cashier interface web application
Cashier interface is a B2B solution for agents who do not have their own software.
This web application is the fastest and easiest way to search, select, book and return electronic tickets and insurance policies using the web interface.
It requires only a stable internet connection.

Integration via API
Solution created for the travel agents that use their own software products for sales organizing (in ticket offices, on web portals and mobile applications).
Get access to all the tickets content and insurance products by integrating with our IT platform via API.
In what currency all settlements are made?
Your current account can be in any bank and in any currency. However, please note that all settlements are made in rubles: when working in the Cashier Interface web application and when connecting via API.
How to connect to the Innovative Mobility Platform
It's simple! Follow these 5 steps:

1. Send us an application form.
2. Send your organization's founding documents (the list is specified individually).
3. Sign a contract.
4. Test the software — if you are connecting via API.
5. Get started!
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